3D lettering is a great way of transforming a blank wall or brick work area into a sign background to display your business name or contact information. With a range of materials and colours to choose from, we can supply a vast choice of lettering to suit your requirements. 3D sign letters/numbers are made by cutting a sheet of material on a cnc-cutter to the shape and size required. The letters are then fabricated and hand finished to create the depth of the letters. These can then either be fixed flush to the wall or raised off the wall with brackets.

Flat Faced Aluminium Lettering

This lettering has been manufactured from aluminium and painted to RAL code 1012 Lemon Yellow.

White Acrylic

Manufactured from 5mm white acrylic and vinyl film apploied to the face. Mounted onto the walls using 20mm clear stand offs.

Foamex Lettering

Manufactured from 5mm white foamex and printed to the face. Mounted onto the walls using 20mm clear stand offs.

3D Lettering

Rim & Return Illuminated

Halo Illuminated

Flat Face Illuminated

Flat Faced Stainless Steel

Rim Faced Aluminium

Rim & Return Stainless

Rim Faced Illuminated

Flat Faced Aluminium

Inset Face Illuminated

Bulb Illuminated

Basic Letters & Locators

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