Acrylic signs can be used outdoors or indoors and create a slightly more luxurious atmosphere. Standoff mounted signs “stand off” from the wall, adding a unique, upscale look to any space. With our stainless steel standoff fixings, the sign extends out giving the sign more depth and adding a 3-dimensional appearance.

We can supply and install many types of clear acrylic standoff signs or panels in the colour of your choice – great for displaying a business logo or a brand.

Backlit Acrylics

These are wall mounted LED backlit acrylic information signs and are available in bespoke sizes to suit your needs.

Acrylic Blade Sign

By using wall clamps instead of the the standard wall stand offs to mount your acrylics you can mount your signs either vertically or horizontally.

Frosted Acrylics

Adding a frost effect to the rear of the acrylic will make the graphic stand out more when it is positioned against a busy backdrop such as brickwork.

Clear Acrylic

When a clear acrylic is used against a plain or bold colour it can be very effective.

Personalised Acrylic Sign – Large
Personalised Acrylic Sign – Small
Reception Acrylic Sign – Large
Reception Acrylic Sign – Small
Office Acrylic Sign – Large
Office Acrylic Sign – Small
Private Acrylic Sign – Large
Private Acrylic Sign – Small
Staff Room Acrylic Sign – Large
Staff Room Acrylic Sign – Small
Staff Only Acrylic Sign – Large
Staff Only Acrylic Sign – Small
Manager Acrylic Sign – Large
Manager Acrylic Sign – Small
This Way (Left) Acrylic Sign – Large
This Way (Left) Acrylic Sign – Small
This Way (Right) Acrylic Sign – Large
This Way (Right) Acrylic Sign – Small
Disabled Toilet Acrylic Sign – Large
Disabled Toilet Acrylic Sign – Small
Ladies Toilet Acrylic Sign – Large
Ladies Toilet Acrylic Sign – Small
Mens Toilet Acrylic Sign – Large
Mens Toilet Acrylic Sign – Small
Kitchen Acrylic Sign – Large
Kitchen Acrylic Sign – Small

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